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  RT 6241 TG/PRC660 TG
is a portable transceiver in the upper (UHF)- air radio band with AM mode.
It has 3500 channels with increments of 50-kHz; but can be changed to 25-kHz channel spacing with 6999 channels.

The AN/PRC-660T looks very similar from the outside to PRC-25 or PRC-77 , because they use the same housing and the same harness.

All components have German nameplates, all modules of the AN/PRC-660 have English lettering.

They are built by Tadiran (Israel), though the nameplate reads: "Elektronik Service Gesellschaft Hamburg".

An additional emergency receiver for the emergency frequency 243.0 MHz is built in. It can be used in addition to the radio, or it can be switched off.

The PRC-660-T was used for ground-to-air-traffic (in the UHF range of the air band), but also for ground-to-ground-traffic. It can be used as beacon, and for relais operation.

When also the use of the VHF airband was demanded, in 1984 TADIRAN in Tel-Aviv developed the successor "PRC-660-UV", with the range of 116...156 and 225...400 MHz.
That is why so many PRC-660 are found on the surplus market during the last years.

The PRC-660 also is used as mobile or fixed station with the name
; and is used together with the HF- amplifier AM-2411TG and the mounting MT-1029.

The Testset TS-240/660T is used for PRC-660 and VRC-249T.

Frequency range:
225 ... 399.950 MHz


Technical data:
Channel spacing:
50 kHz
HF- output:
1.7 W
AM (A3E)
Emergency receiver:
243 MHz
Sensitivity 1.5 µV at 10 dB
NF- output 0.3 V at 1000 Hz
Receiver- sensitivity:
1.2 µV
Battery SK 660 Li:
Voltage 28 V
Capacity 7 Ah
Powered by:
22 to 38 V DC
(the battery indicator on the "remote- connector" lights up when the voltage drops below 22.5 V )
Consumption at 24V:
Transmit 0.8 A
Receive 0.2 A
Operational timespan:
9 1/2 hrs. at transmitting/receiving 1:9
The radio set consists of:
Transceiver RT 6241 TG
Battery housing CY 2562 T
harness ST 138
Bag CW 503 TG, in the bag are:
*Antenna AT 6600 T
*Handset H-189/GR
*Headset H-161 A/U