Modern Era SSB- radios

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This radio is NOT in the collection. I added it for completion of South African radios, and hope, someone is so kind as to send some infos?

The radio was developed and built in South Africa, about 1988 - 1993, by the same company that also built the R-25. During this period few radios were produced in SA, so it should be very rare.

The year of construction fitted in-between the old B25's and the newer 178 hopper. According to all records, SA builds very high class military radios, but very few infos can be found.

The radio also has selectable audio Processor and noise blanker and a number of other features, from menu; it has frequency hopping and ALE.

The meter on the left is for forward power and reflected power- also has built in antenna tuner-and meter also serves as receive signal strength.

The ATU C33 (see picture gallery) is used together with the C21.

( The more recent version of the C21 is called TR-251, the ATU belonging to it is called A268. )

Frequency range:
2 ... 30 MHz


Technical data (almost nothing known):
HF output:
Powered by:
10 ... 30 V DC