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      SEM 70
      PRG 70







   Programmer A/VHF (FPG) and
   Copier A/VHF (FKG)

The automatic channel switching (automatische Kanalwahl (AKW)) at radios SEM 70, SEM 80 and SEM 90 is controlled by a programmed frequency storage module "(Frequenzspeicher FSP 70)".

The programmer A/VHF writes data into or changes data in the module Frequenzspeicher FSP 70, and it copies the content of FSP 70;
The copier A/VHF copies the content of FSP 70.

The Programmer FPG consists of:

  • Programming unit FPG 80
  • Metal box,
       ==> in the lower part the power supply FPNT 80, a holder for three
       boxes BFSP 80/2 and a data- erasing connector;
       ==> in the lid a holder for the TM (TDV).
  • Three boxes BFSP 80/2 (for two FSP 70 each),
  • 6 frequency storage modules FSP 70 and
  • a storage box BFSP 80/32 for 32 FSP 70.
    BFSP-80/2 und FSP-70
    BFSP 80/32

    The Copier FKG consists of

  • Copying unit A/VHF
  • Canvas bag
  • 24 V- connection cable and
  • a storage box BFSP 80/32 for 32 FSP 70.
    Kopiergerät A/VHF
    BFSP 80/32

    The programming unit FPG either reads the data from the FSP70 and changes them, or programs new data into the FSP 70.

    Without an inserted FSP 70 "FEHLER" (Fault) is displayed.
    An FSP 70 is inserted into the connector "VORLAGE/PROGR" (original / programming).
    "FEHLER" (fault) goes out, "BEREIT/FERTIG" (ready) is displayed.
    "FREQUENZ" (frequency) is displayed, and
    "PRG UNVOLLST" is displayed, (as long as the programming is uncompleted).
    Program place / address and storage content (frequency) of this address are displayed on the LED.

    10 addresses with 16 frequencies each are entered or changed.
    Example (picture):

  • the address 1.00 has the frequency 38.250,
  • address 1.01 may contain the frequency 38.125 MHz - etc.
    ==> until the address 1.15;
    ==> Then address 2.00 is displayed.

    * Only 25- kHz- steps can be entered.
    * A display "PRG UNVOLLST" shows that the FSP 70 is not completely programmed.
    * Single addresses and /or frequencies can be selected and changed or programmed.

    The keys "V" vorwärts (forward) und "R" rückwärts (back) select the addresses.
    The FSP 70 must be programmed completely, while many addresses can contain the same frequencies.

    After the complete programming of the FSP 70 you can switch the FPG to "Kopieren" (copy) or you copy the FSP 70 by using the FKG.

    The battery in the FSP 70 has a lifespan of abt. 2 years. The lifespan is shorter, if you leave the FSP 70 inserted into a radio.


    Technical data:
    Voltage needed:
    21 to 29 V, the programmer has a 24V- PSU built into the metal case.
    Programmer: ~220V and 24V - cable
    Copier: 24V- cable
    Programmer 0.3 A at 24 V
    Copier 0.1 A at 24 V
    Data to be entered:
    Address 0 to 9
    Channel number 00 to 15
    Frequencies to be entered:
    in 25- kHz- steps 30.000 to 79.975 MHz
    Time needed to copy:
    0.4 sec.
    Programmer in case, complete : 11 kg
    Programming unit: 3.4 kg
    Year of issue: