Modern Era SSB Sets

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(also known as AN/PRC-514)

is a fully transistorized, lightweight and rugged Canadian 18- channel- SSB- radio for portable connections. It has a watertight housing made of polycarbonate plastic and a front panel of die cast aluminium.

The built- in antenna tunder matches long wire antennas, dipole and rod antennas. D- cells or - batteries can be used, it is advised to use alcali cells because of the high output of the transceiver.

The built- in loudspeaker can be used as microfone, so the radio can be used without a headset or a handset. A whisper-modulation option provides full modulation, even when the operator is forced to whisper.

Modular construction and plug-in curcuit boards permit an easy servicing.

CP-44 is the synthesizer version of the radio. Technical data are almost identical, besides measurements and weight,

Frequency range:
2 .. 18 MHz


Technical data:
18 simplex or 9 semi- duplex
USB / AM : Normal version (collection radio)
LSB / AM : optional
USB / LSB / AM : optional
HF output:
20 W or 10 W @ 50 Ohm
0.5 µV
NF- output:
500 mW
Powered by:
9 D- cells or batteries
Measurement and weight:
10 x 23 x 34 cm; 6.6 kg , batteries included